April 2, 2009

I really love my new members section. I've had a steady stream of joins, and that's great. Yesterday I held a two hour sale and let people join for fifteen bucks (thats amazing, considering it gets you access to ALL of my pics vids and live cam for a whole month)... and three gentlemen were lucky enough to snatch up that deal...anyway, one really suave guy joined, and I've been hanging out on cam with him a bunch n' I love it, yay! He watched me do my workout on one of my spy cams yesterday, and I must say I seriously enjoy having an audience. at all times. LOOK AT MEEEEEE. *wiggle*

Lots of new content has been uploaded, by the way. The latest photo set is hot hot hot, I'm decked out in tons of gold, have a preview:


I'm obsessed with my own blond pubic puff.


I financially raped a cross dressing mess last night. Robbed him of 500 bucks and some gifts, while I made him beat himself, saran wrap his head, piss in a champagne bottle and poor it on himself. *hehe*




Joe and I went to a predators hockey game, we lost in the shoot out.. but it was still fun. I wore a really pretty dress. random pointless pics and vids:

03-24-2009 17-41-50buh

Nashville Preds hockey! on 12seconds.tv

after the game we went bar hopping, and in one spot there was a reallllly shitty band playing, and they only new crappedy rock... so I started screaming 'play some black crows' at the top of my lungs at them. They yelled back at me, and so I went up to talk to them. I was blabbering about songs with some singer guy, and this little fug dude with long greasy hair on the sidelines interjected 'oh are you going to TIP them then!!' .. I said 'yea, I'll give em a buck'. (this was a shitty band of young douche bags who sucked. they think they're jim morrison but they're more like kid rock)...anyway he said something stupid and snotty back to me, so I said 'shut up, you little sideling, this is the man I'm talking to' and gestured at the other more well behaved dude. As I was walking away, this little douche bag said 'yeaaa go fuck yourself' at me. so I stopped, turned around, and yelled really loudly "I can fuck myself better than you ever could, ya little faggot!" ..hahaha... and everyone went 'ooooo'. Here's a video I took right afterwards. The little douche is somewhere in there. (and they did play black grows, talks to angels, my least favorite hit. fuck drug addicts):

Mobile/E-Mail Post on 12seconds.tv

fun at the park, yay:

Not on camera Vincent! on 12seconds.tv

03-31-2009 13-04-35

my doggie likes to hang in the window while we're grilling on the porch woo cuteness!

look at my little multi colored coven of cats!

getting giant shipments of wishlist gifts delivered gives me such a fucking thrill.


pointless drunken cam phone videos make the hurl go round.

Drunk boobs on 12seconds.tv

more cock sucking pics, cause I just can't get enough. (strange...)
03-23-2009 16-54-0303-23-2009 16-54-15

I'm so sick of crap like this:

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