April 3, 2008

My lovely delicious meanie boyfriend Joe has been on niteflirt for years and years...but he's never really gotten around to doing much ELSE bdsm related on the 'web' other than having his niteflirt homepage....but he's in the mood to get shit going, so you need to kiss his ass and check out his links:

Joe on niteflirt ( niteflirt.com/nordiclord)

Joe's niteflirt blog

Joe's video store

Joe's yahoo group

Joe's amazon wishlist (not to be confused with the wishlist I made FOR him, which is attatched to MY amazon account.. these are his actual wants, instead of the things I want FOR him. he's had LOTS of faggelas buy him shit hehe).

Oh... did I mention he deals mostly with gay and bi guys who want to be humiliated and abused by a straight skinhead and his girlfriend? yea. ;>


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