January 16, 2005

I'm the current cam chick interview @ realcamgirls.net, here's an exerpt (sp?) from the piece:
"I think everyone knows or has at least seen Jessie Kitty around. She is one of the more popular camgirls online and has her niche stamped out like concrete. Truly one of the hottest and most adorable web cam girls, Jessie Kitty has endured where most others give up. With a pair of the most recognized eyes in the industry, Jessie wants you to be her bitch! Read her classic, in-your-face interview here"

check out these hot ass fuckin shoes, you can purchase them (and other righteous shit) for me from my amazon wishlist:

my phone lines are on right now ;>

get me a webcertificate and address is to dominationsdigital@hotmail.com

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