August 28, 2004 I 'went out' today in this god awful wisconsin hick town for the first time, and as I suspected, was bombarded with small town, religous freak nastyness.

the most notable experiances being a car full of wanna be redneck thugs driving up to me and my boyfriend in the fucking walmart parking lot and pointing and laughing. ..they had their windows down so I went right up to the car and said 'oh wow, a car full of wiggers, how EXCITING!' ..and they all just went 'duh?' with their mouths hanging open.

then, in the grocery store, nasty mennonites were pointing and staring and acting all fucked up, so my boyfriend made a fucked up face at them and went 'what are you staring at' and oggled them sarcastically, and later when we passed them again I said 'fucking ignorant mennonites' all nice n was slightly satisfying, but not as satisfying as burning down their church, or smacking their greasy zity fucked up faces would have been. GRRRR vote for me:

Cam Slam!

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